How to Fix It When a Vizio TV Keeps Turning On and Off

Get your Vizio TV to stop restarting

Is your Vizio smart TV turning on and off by itself? This article will explain how to fix the problem and prevent it from restarting or shutting off.

Why Is My Vizio TV Turning On and Off By Itself?

Some of the more common issues, which are fixable, include power problems, a short sleep timer, or interference from other devices. Here are those issues described in more detail:

  • If you have multiple Vizio TVs in your home, the other remotes may interfere. For example, someone pressing the power button in a nearby room may be turning the TV on or off.
  • Vizio TVs are CEC-enabled, which allows other home entertainment devices to turn on, and off the TV with a power signal. Some examples include cable boxes, media players, and game consoles. You must either disable CEC mode on the device in question or disable it in the TV settings.
  • All modern TVs, including Vizios, have a sleep timer to power off the TV after a set period. You can check the time limit, disable the timer, or disable it entirely in the TV settings.
  • A loose power plug, failing power strip, or surge protector may be causing power issues. Check the power plug at the outlet or adapter to make sure it’s properly connected.
  • Most Vizio TVs support either Chromecast or Miracast which allows devices on the network to cast content to the TV. This may or may not be interfering with the signal.

If something is wrong with the Vizio’s power supply, on the actual TV set, you cannot fix it yourself. You will need to have it serviced by a professional.

Why Does My Vizio TV Keep Restarting?

Your Vizio may be restarting for several reasons, including power issues, interfering devices, and more. To understand the problem, you’ll first need to troubleshoot by checking some of the more common solutions. If you try all of the answers mentioned in this article but the TV continues to restart on its own, you may need to call in professionals to look at or service the set.

How Do You Fix a Vizio TV That Won't Stay On?

If the TV will not stay on, you’ll need to do some troubleshooting to identify the problem. Here’s how to figure out what’s wrong with your Vizio smart TV:

You can open Vizio settings by pressing Menu on the remote.

  1. Check the power plug and outlet. If it’s plugged into a power strip or surge protector, check there instead. Make sure the plug is securely connected, not loose or askew. If it’s plugged in properly, you might also consider checking your power breaker. Try plugging it into the wall outlet directly, if it’s not already.

  2. Check the TV remote. The power button may be stuck.

  3. Ensure no other devices nearby are powered on or interfering with the TV, including additional Vizio remotes. If you believe another device may be affecting your TV, you can disable CEC by navigating to Settings > System > CEC and turning the setting off.

    Vizio TV CEC mode disabled in settings.

    CEC only applies to device connected to an HDMI input on the TV.

  4. Ensure no devices on your network are casting to the Vizio TV, including mobile devices, computers, and tablets. If you believe this may be a problem, you can disable casting to a TV that's powered off by navigating to Settings > System > Power Mode and turning Eco Mode on.

    Eco mode ensures the TV is powered on before casting is available. Most newer models will have this option, but some older ones do not.

  5. Enabling Quickstart mode may help when Eco Mode does not. To turn it on, navigate to Settings > System > Power Mode > Quickstart Mode.

  6. Double check the auto-off and sleep timers in Settings > Timers. Review the Sleep Timer setting, and either turn it off or change it to a greater time. Check the Auto-Off function and make sure it’s set to a reasonable time. It will turn off the TV after a period of inactivity, but if it’s set to a low time limit it may explain why the TV is powering down unexpectedly.

    Vizio TV timer settings.
  7. Reset the TV to factory settings. To do this go to Settings > System > Reset & Admin and select Reset TV to Factory Defaults. It will ask for your administrative passcode, so enter yours or use the default, ‘0000’. Choose Reset to confirm. The TV will perform the necessary operation and then power cycle. Wait until it’s done and see if the problem is resolved.

  8. Check for firmware updates via Settings > System > Check for Updates. If a firmware update is found, download and install it. Allow the TV to finish the operation and reboot, and then check to see if the problem is fixed.

How Do You Fix a Vizio TV That Turns On by Itself?

Many of the same problems which cause a Vizio TV to turn off by itself, can also power it on, such as CEC-enabled devices. Here’s how to troubleshoot the problem:

  1. Check the TV remote to see if the power button is stuck.

  2. Remove extra remotes from the equation, especially other Vizio brand remotes.

  3. Ensure any additional devices remain powered off, including cable boxes, game consoles, Blu-Ray and DVD players, and so on. If available on your TV, you can also disable CEC via Settings > System > CEC and turning it off.

  4. Turn on Eco Mode via Settings > System > Power Mode. If that doesn’t work you may also try Quickstart mode under the same settings menu.

  5. If nothing else works, you can factory reset the TV. Go to Settings > System > Reset & Admin and select Reset TV to Factory Defaults. It will ask for your administrative passcode, so enter yours or use the default, ‘0000’. Choose Reset to confirm. The TV will factory reset and then power cycle. Wait until it’s done and see if the problem is resolved.

  • Why is my Vizio TV not turning on?

    You might need to reseat the power cable or try a different power outlet. If nothing changes, try alternate ways to power on your Vizio TV without the remote. Use the power button on the TV or access the power control in the Vizio SmartCast app from Control > Devices.

  • Why is the screen black when I turn on my Vizio TV?

    If you see a completely black Vizio TV screen, you could have a display issue. Press the Menu button to see if that restores the picture. If you see nothing and no LED power indicator, your TV might not be receiving power. Unplug your TV and press and hold the power button for 5 seconds before plugging it back in.

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