Android 13: News, Release Date, Features, and Rumors

What’s coming in Google’s latest operating system

An attendee holds a stack of the new Google Pixel 3a during the 2019 Google I/O conference

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Android 13 is the next operating system update for Android devices. Rumors include updates to Material You, faster access to a QR code scanner, a new audio feature, and improvements to notifications and other settings.

When Will Android 13 Be Released?

The new OS will likely be available in October 2022. Android 12 was announced at Google I/O in February 2021 and released in October 2021, so we expect similar timing for Android 13.

Android 13 Features

We don't know a lot yet about this OS update. We'll keep this page updated as other details emerge closer to its release. Here are some rumors.

  • Material You updates. Android 13 will likely build on Material You, Android 12's UI revamp, which allowed a range of customizations like matching your wallpaper
    colors to your app themes.
  • Improved QR scanning. This OS update could allow users to scan QR codes from the lock
    screen. There could also be enhanced shortcuts to the QR reader.
  • Continuous playback. It could introduce a Tap to Transfer feature like Apple offers between its iPhones and HomePods. It lets you continue playing your music from your iPhone to your HomePod and back again.
  • More notification control. This feature would force the app maker to ask permission
    to send notifications, similar to the prompt you get on many browsers.
  • Per-app language settings. Users might be able to set a different language
    default depending on the app, rather than one global default setting.

Android 13 Supported Devices

We expect most Android devices that support Android 12 can upgrade to Android 13. Models include Google Pixel (3 and up), Samsung Galaxy S20 and S21, Asus Zenfone 8, and the OnePlus 9 smartphone series.

Google might drop support for the Pixel 3 series with Android 13, but we can't say for sure.

The Latest News About Android 13

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