Google Apps

Google provides a number of web-based solutions for individuals, schools, and businesses, from file storage and backup to spreadsheets and presentations.
Teenage girl doing school work at a laptop.
What Is Google Classroom and How Can PaWhat Is Google Classroom?rents and Teachers Use it?
Person using Google Calendar on their iPhone
Use Google Calendar: Internet Organization Was Never Easier
A man looks at a Google Drive error message on his computer.
Is Google Drive Down...or Is It Just You?
Animated illustration of a person changing the label color of Calendar items
How to Create a Google To-Do List Straight From Google Calendar
A bundle of unplugged phone cables
Access Your Google Drive Without Wi-Fi and Edit Google Docs Offline
Businessman and businesswoman passing folder over computers in office
Share a Folder in Google Drive and Share It With Everyone
Google Calendar
How to Embed Google Calendar on Your Website
Photo album of family at farm
What Is Google Photos, and Should You Be Using It?
Highlighted events in Google Calendar
A Full Review of Google Calendar and Why You Should Try It
Google Suite apps on four different computers
What Is Google Workspace (Formerly G Suite)
A photo of a chromebook and a smartphone on a desk.
How to Use Google Tasks in Gmail and Google Calendar
Scheduling their next workout class
How to Share Your Google Calendar
Person on scooter demonstrating how Google Takeout allows users to take their data with them.
Download All the Things! Google Makes It Easy to Grab Your Data and Go
A man and woman using Google Drive and the cloud to sync files between a computer and a smartphone
What Is Google Drive?
Schedule on laptop
Manage Your Google Calendar on Your Desktop
image showing Google Reminders on phone or laptop
Setting up Google Reminders Is Easier Than You Think
Google+ Hangouts with extras
Hang out With Friends on the Google Hangouts App
Google search page on a laptop.
Got More Than One Google Account? Here's How to Easily Switch Between Them
The Google home page on a smartphone.
Need a New Google Profile Picture? Here's How to Change It
Top view of woman holding smartphone and tablet with calendar on desk
How to Sync Google Calendar in Outlook Mail Client
Male hand taps touch screen of smart phone in street
Learn How to Save Contacts to Google
Google Calendar showing week view and birthdays displayed
How to Use Google Calendar to Never Forget a Birthday
Several older people share photos on their phones while sitting at a table
Show off Your Favorite Pics With a Google Photo Slideshow
Woman surprised by content on her phone
Don’t Ignore It: The One Login That Ruins Every Other Password
Man holding coffee while working on a laptop in an office
How Do You Export Google Calendar Data to an ICS File?
Phone uploading to cloud held in hand
How to Back Up Your Photos With Google Photos
Google Drive for the Mac
How to Share and Collaborate With Google Drive
A view of a desk surface with a smartphone displaying a calendar app, and a tablet also displaying a calendar app.
How to Hide or Delete a Google Calendar
Person using Google Drive on a computer
How to Download and Watch Google Drive Movies
Person setting up sync to iCal on iPhone
How to Sync Your Google and Apple Calendars
Stressed businessperson with sticky notes stuck to body
How to Add an Email to Your Google Calendar
Reminder ribbon tied to finger
Tell Google Calendar How to Alert You to Events
calendar and watch
How to Import and Copy Google Calendar Events to Another Calendar
Google apps 2018
How to Jump to Any Date Fast in Google Calendar
Mobile application of cloud storage
How to Share Folders and Collaborate Using Google Drive
Google apps 2018
How to Keep an Event Private in a Shared Google Calendar
An image of several people synching their calendars on their phones.
How to Sync Google, Outlook, and iPhone Calendars
Google Docs vs Microsoft Word
Google Docs vs Word: Which Option Is Best for You?
A series of math equations written in marker
How to Use the Equation Editor in Google Docs
Picture of a pencil pressing down on the backspace key on a keyboard
How To Delete a Page in Google Docs
Screenshot of accented letters
How To Add Accents in Google Docs
Picture of a hand with a blue highlighter
How To Highlight in Google Docs
Illustration of a check list document in front of a laptop
How to Edit Google Docs
Screenshot of the Google Docs header and footer sections
How To Remove a Footer in Google Docs
Flowchart example
How To Make a Flowchart in Google Docs
Illustration of a Google Docs page break
How To Use Google Docs Page Break
MacBook Pro on a table tap.
How to Make a Google Docs Envelope Template
Screenshot of a calendar template in Google Docs
How to Use the Calendar Template in Google Docs
Illustration of a pie chart, bar graph, and line chart
How to Make a Chart on Google Docs
Illustration of a watermark image on a document
How to Add Watermarks to Google Docs
Illustration of open Google docs
How to Open Google Docs
Screenshot showing how to move a picture in Google Docs on iPad
How to Move Images in Google Docs
Illustration showing a Google doc being mailed
How to Email a Google Doc
Illustration of a table on a laptop
How to Make a Table in Google Docs
Illustration of spell check on documents
How to Use Google Docs Spell Check
Screenshot of Google Docs footnotes
How to Add Footnotes in Google Docs
Illustration of the Google Docs trash folder
How to Access Google Docs Trash
Screenshot of a private Google Doc
How to Unshare a Google Doc
A person customizing line Spacing on Google Docs on a laptop computer.
How to Double Space on Google Docs