Google Pixel Tablet: News, Price, Release Date, Specs, and Rumors

A patent suggests Google is making a new tablet

If you're familiar with the Pixel Slate, Pixel C, or Nexus tablets, then you know a Google-branded tablet isn't a new idea. After the Pixel Slate was pulled from the company's online store in early 2021, a newly approved patent from Google was uncovered, proving they are at least interested in the idea of the Pixel Tablet (the name is still unknown).

Google Pixel Tablet render
Google Pixel Tablet render.

LetsGoDigital / Giuseppe Spinelli

When Will the Google Tablet Be Released?

When we say it's too early for any valuable release date details, we mean it: It's just simply too early.

Typically, at least when it comes to tech devices, the first step in understanding more about a product is uncovering a patent describing it (or roughly describing it). That's where we are right now.

Google filed the patent in early 2019, which was approved and released by the Japan Patent Office in June 2021. Of the few details to be gleaned from it, a release date isn't one of them.

Google patent design registration No. 1688599
Google patent design registration No. 1688599.

Japan Patent Office

Lifewire’s Release Date Estimate

Considering how few rumors surround this device, we don't anticipate the Google Pixel tablet coming until at least late 2022. We'll keep an eye out for a Google I/O event around that time for announcement details.

Google Pixel Tablet Price Rumors

There aren't any trustworthy rumors about the price just yet. But if we consider what Google charges for their other devices and how competing companies price their tablets, we can formulate a guess.

For example, the latest iPhone starts at $700, and the current iPad is just less than half of that, at $330. Google's Pixel 6 starts at $599. If they plan to have a similar price ratio for their tablet, the Pixel Tablet might cost around $300.

Google hasn't released a tablet since 2018. If they plan to compete with Apple's iPad, which seems to be most people's go-to tablet, a more competitive price might be in order.

Pre-Order Information

Details about when you can pre-order the Google tablet will be known closer to its launch date.

Google Tablet Features

The 2018 Pixel Slate ran on Chrome OS, as does the Chromebook. It's where Google could go this time around, but it's more likely they'll stick to a modified version of Android, which was the OS of choice for the Pixel C and Nexus tablets.

If the phablet-like Pixel Fold ships with Android, which it no doubt will, then it wouldn't be surprising for the company to port it over to their new tablet as well (we expect the Fold in late 2022). Staying with a single OS across all their devices makes sense.

In late October 2021, Google announced Android 12L, which the company says "makes Android 12 even better on tablets and foldable devices." According to Google, the operating system planned to launch in early 2022 is optimized for larger screens and built for multitasking.

Multitasking on Android 12L
Multitasking on Android 12L.


Pixel Tablet Specs and Hardware

The patent linked above is unhelpful in describing the device's specs. Below is all it has to say about what the document (translated from Japanese) depicts:

This article is an information terminal provided with a display unit and capable of displaying an image on the display unit.

So, yeah, not very helpful!

Right now, the best look at what an updated Pixel tablet from Google could look like are these 3D renders via LetsGoDigital and Giuseppe Spinelli. They're based on the patent's images and inspired by the Pixel 6.

There just aren't any solid details we can list here just yet. It's assumed, like most tablets, this one will have all the basics: front and back-facing cameras, finger or face authentication, 256 GB or more of storage, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.

The Pixel Tablet might also support 5G for mobile connectivity. More and more 5G devices are coming out to take advantage of the greater speeds afforded by that tech, and since we're still a ways away from seeing Google's tablet, 5G will surely be even more ubiquitous by then.

Given the Pixel 6 comes with the Tensor processor, it makes sense this tablet will have Google's in-house chip for greater offline processing abilities.

There might also be multiple USB-C ports—one for charging and others for peripheral devices. The company will probably come out with their own side devices if they plan to market this as a laptop-level machine. They could mimic Apple and offer a corresponding cover, keyboard, and digital stylus.

Be sure to bookmark this page; we'll update it with a specs list as we learn more.

The Latest News About the Google Tablet

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