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The hand from the monitor requests the user's bank credit card
Your Private Credit Card Info May Be Under Attack
Close-Up Of Blurred out Person Holding Sim Card
SIM Swapping Attacks Are Soaring and You Need to Be on Guard
Google's Privacy Sandbox
Regulatory Oversight Comes to Google’s Privacy Sandbox
Man against black background with digital lines over his face
Authenticating Users With Facial Recognition Is Never a Good Idea, Say Experts
"Safer with Google"
Google Uses Safer Internet Day to Introduce New Security Features
person typing on their laptop computer at night
Your Computer Hardware May Be Leaking Data About You
Smartphone with security cameras
A Second Surveillance Firm Was Caught Hacking iPhones
chocolate chip cookie resting on a MacBook keyboard
Google’s Third-Party Cookie Replacement Is Flawed, Experts Say
A smartphone sitting on a laptop keyboard, with a skull and crossbones displayed on the screen.
Malicious 2FA App Found on Google Play
Hand connecting yellow internet cable to hub
Wi-Fi 7 Is Almost Here, but Experts Say It Still Won’t Replace Ethernet
Old 3.5 inch Hard Drive on a floor
Even Replacing the Hard Drive Won’t Remove This Malware
Webpage on Computer Monitor
Experts Think a Web3 Browser Sounds More Like a Gimmick
Close-up view of a computer screen with a web browser with a lock icon and text "http www"
Microsoft Edge Could Make Zero-Day Bugs a Thing of the Past
silhouette of a hacker in front of blue lines of ones and zeros
The FCC Wants to Curb the Impact of Data Breaches on Users
Windows 11 Patch
Microsoft Rolls Out Critical Security Patch to Windows 11 Users
A field of lock images on a zeros and ones background.
Your Favorite Browser Extension Could Be Stealing Your Passwords
Someone logging into a laptop computer using two-factor authentication on their smartphone.
Experts Say It's High Time We Stop Relying on Passwords
Archer AXE200 Omni
TP-Link Unveils Multiple Wi-Fi 6E Routers
TCL 30 V 5G smartphone
TCL Mobile Announces Its First-Ever Laptop and New 5G Phones
DuckDuckGo Browser
DuckDuckGo Announces Upcoming Web Browsing App
A teenager leaned against a wall, looking at an iPhone.
Just Looking at That Message Could Compromise Your Device
Someone holding a smartphone with a Malware warning on the front.
Another Popular Google Play App Found to Host Malware
Malware Detected Warning Screen with abstract binary code 3d digital concept
Microsoft’s December Patch Tuesday Helps Quash Dangerous Malware
A business person using a tablet computer with a shield and other icons overlayed on the image to indicate security.
Are Free Antivirus Programs Disappearing?
Fraying wires with Site Down on beads in between
Amazon Web Services Outage Hits Doordash, Twitch, and More
Google Security Patch
Google Pushes Critical Security Patch for Chrome
Digital generated image of electronic circuit security padlock made out of numbers on black background.
How the Log4J Security Vulnerability Puts You at Risk
Glowing red keyboard
Google Aims To Disrupt Botnet Targeting Windows Machines
hand entering password for the validation process, one time password
Despite Benefits, Experts Believe Facebook Won’t Require 2FA for Everyone
Entering a one time password for the validation process on laptop
Facebook Protect to Begin Requiring 2FA for Select Accounts
Businessman thinking at desk in office
Windows Really Doesn’t Want You to Download Chrome
Three friends sitting outside, all using smartphones.
Twitter’s New Privacy Boost Is Just a Start
Malicious actor on phone
Malicious Apps Discovered on Google Play Store Downloaded Over 300,000 Times
A blue light streak going into a home through the back of the house.
Be Careful, Your Smart Home Gadgets Are a Security Risk
Man gaining unauthorized access
GoDaddy Reveals Recent Hack Exposed 1.2 Million Accounts
Encrypted messaging
Meta Pushes Back End-to-End Encryption on Platforms Until 2023
A laptop computer with Gmail loading on the screen.
Email Aliases Aren’t as Safe as You Might Think
Microsoft Edge with shopping features displayed on a laptop computer.
Edge Gets Efficiency Mode, Price-Tracking, and More for the Holidays
man using a Windows 11 laptop
Experts Worry Microsoft Forcing Edge on Us Is Just the Beginning
Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO DDR4 RAM
Blacksmith Attack Uses Your Own RAM Against You
The new Firefox subdomains displayed on a MacBook pro.
Firefox Relay Gets Premium Subscription Plan
Microsoft Edger
Microsoft Doubles-Down on Edge Browser for Windows 11
Starlink's New Dish
Starlink Debuts New Rectangular Dish
A two-factor authentication code for a banking website shown on a smartphone with a laptop keyboard in the background.
Voice Bots Are Coming for Your Passwords
Woman using phone being spied by her friend
Security Researchers Find That Bluetooth Can Be Tracked
Facial recognition scanning a person up close but also several people in a crowd.
It May Get Harder for Companies to Capture Your Facial Recognition Data
The new homepage and its jump back in option on mobile
Firefox’s New Homepage Is All About Picking Up Where You Left Off
Abigail Previlon takes part in remote distance learning on a Chromebook with the help of her mother Carlene at home in Stamford, Connecticut
Google Chrome Gets Performance Improvements
Woman and her daughters on their phones
Google Expands Privacy and Security With New Features
Firefox running on a laptop with video playing
Firefox Blocks Malicious Add-Ons Misusing Its API
Broadband internet reaching homes
Verizon and Amazon Team Up to Provide Rural Broadband Access With Satellites
Brave Search engine in the Brave Browser
Brave Browser Falls Short of Its Promises of Privacy
Suspicious woman checking laptop content in the night
Google Warns YouTubers of Phishing and Malware Campaign
Screenshots show what the Chrome Follow feature looks like on Android.
Google Chrome’s New ‘Follow’ Feature Could Save the Web
Frustrated woman who's been hacked
Google Warned Over 50K Individual Users About Cyberattacks
Quad-band WiFi 6E Mesh System
Netgear Announces Its First Wi-Fi 6E Mesh Router
Close up of a hand using smartphone in the dark, against illuminated city light
Newest iOS 15 Update Addresses Another Security Flaw
Google security illustration
Google’s Mandatory 2FA Shows the Power of Default Settings
Woman 2FA user
Google to Make 2FA Default for Millions of Users