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Router with cables attached
What is OpenWrt?
Girl using laptop
How To Use A Nintendo Wii Controller To Play Linux Games
An illustration of a woman trying to decide which is the best Linux Distro.
How to Choose the Best Linux Distro for Your Needs
A screenshot of the Fedora logo.
Is Fedora Linux Right For You?
Cinnamon desktop environment on Mint
5 Reasons to Use Linux Mint and Not Ubuntu
gzip command in a Linux terminal
How To Compress Files Using The gzip Command
Web designers at work
The Power of the Sudo Command
A person at a computer using the ldd command.
Find a Program's Shared Libraries Using the 'ldd' Command
The Android logo and the Linux penguin logo.
How to Run Linux On Android Devices
Woman on computer
A Beginner's Guide to Conky
Cairo Dock screenshot
The 10 Best Linux Desktop Environments
Close-Up Of Red Wine Being Poured In Glass Against White Background
Install Windows Applications on Linux
Ubuntu vs Linux Mint
Which Gives You What You're Looking For?
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Validating the MD5 Checksum of a File
Professional worker working on IT server
Try Out Linux Mint to Breathe Some Life Into Your Old, Tired PC or Mac
Image of user login.
Using the Linux Change Password Command Is Simple
Red Ginger Cat on Computer Keyboard
How to Use the Linux Cat Command
Linux rsync Command: How to Copy Directories and Folders
Illustration of a person using Linux on a desktop computer
The Beginners Guide to Linux
An illustration of a woman at a computer using a dual boot Windows and Linux Mint system.
Run Linux Mint 19 alongside Windows 8.1 or Windows 10
Person typing on laptop
Learn How to Write IF-Statements in a Bash-Script
Delete key on a keyboard.
How To Delete Files Using Linux
Ubuntu computer for article on typing Spanish
What to Do After Installing Ubuntu
Person using the Linux command line
How to Search For Files in Linux
Command terminal icon
15 Linux Terminal Commands That Will Rock Your World
Bashrc screenshot
What Is the Bashrc File Used For?
Ubuntu computer screen
How to Set up Apache, MySQL, and PHP Using Ubuntu
Close up of internet network with binary numbers code.
The Complete Guide To The Ubuntu Software Centre
Person using Remote Desktop with a Ubuntu Linux computer
How to Connect to Your Ubuntu Desktop From Anywhere
Person unzipping files via the command line
How to Unzip Files in Linux
Switch User Linux
How to Create Users Within Linux Using The "useradd" Command
Apache web server running under Ubuntu.
Tips on How to Restart an Apache Web Server
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How to Use the Linux Shell
Software Designer working late at computer in office
A Quick Guide to Writing "AWK" Commands and Scripts
Linux vs GNU/Linux
Everything You Wanted to Know About the Origins of Linux
Son showing father how to use USB stick in laptop
How to Create a Linux Bootable USB Drive Using Linux
Person holding phone in their palm with icons above it representing virtual machine
5 Essential Tips and Tricks for Using Android Within Virtualbox
sudo command syntax
What Is the Sudo in Linux?
directly above shot of hand holding pencil drawing progress bar with word LOADING
How to Reboot Linux Using the Command Line
Animated illustration of how to create a new directory in Linux.
How to Create Directories in Linux With The 'mkdir' Command
A zipped file folder
How to Decompress Files With the 'gz' Extension
Animated illustration of a person opening a Linux terminal
5 Ways to Open a Terminal Console Window Using Ubuntu
Unix logo
Why to Choose Unix as an Operating System
The Arch Linux logo.
How to Install Arch Linux
Intel Celeron Mendocino 300 MHz
What Is 'i686' in Linux/Unix?
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Change the Desktop Wallpaper in Ubuntu With These Steps
Login credentials
How to Add Users in Linux From the KDE Plasma Desktop
Computer repair concept, wrench on motherboard close up
Wipe Ubuntu From Your Hard Drive to Make Room For a New OS
Import Music Into Rhythmbox
The Complete Guide to Rhythmbox
Person running Linux sleep command for 20 seconds on a laptop
Here's How to Use the Linux Sleep Command to Pause a BASH Script
You Are Here Marker on asphalt
How to Find out Which Directory You Are in With the pwd Command
Person using Mac desktop to run Ubuntu Linux
Project Ubuntu: Getting Linux Running on Your Mac
Tux the penguin is the official Linux mascot.
How Do I Change from One Directory to Another Using Linux?
Man using Linux on a laptop
How to Run iTunes on Linux
KDE Plasma Desktop
An Overview of the KDE Desktop Environment
An illustration of the results of a traceroute command.
Understanding the 'traceroute' Command Used in Linux
GNU nano editor window
A Beginners Guide to the Linux Nano Editor
Computer File Search
An Alternative Way to Compress Files Using Linux
Unetbootin on Ubuntu Linux desktop
Installing Linux Starts with Burning an ISO Image to a USB Drive