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    Whether you've got a smartphone, flip phone, or folding phone, we're here to help you navigate the ins and outs of Android and iOS phones.
    A woman wearing an Apple Watch and looking at an iPhone
    How to Pair an Apple Watch With Your iPhone
    Delete photos from iPhone
    How to Delete Photos From iPhone but Not iCloud
    A black and white iPhone screen.
    How to Fix It When Your iPhone Screen Turns Black and White
    A woman wearing an Apple Watch and looking at an iPhone
    How to Fix It When Your iPhone Time Is Wrong
    Click Remove from Account
    How to Remove a Device From Apple ID
    A woman leaning against a wall looking at her smartphone.
    10 Ways to Use the iPhone Weather App
    A visualization of data contained on an iPhone
    How to Set Up Digital Legacy on Your iPhone
    A girl looking at her iPhone while laying on the couch
    How to Take a Screenshot on iPhone 11
    Flight details from Messages on iPhone
    How to Track Flights on iPhone
    Worried woman with phone.
    How to Add AppleCare to iPhone
    Someone using FaceTime while picnicking outside in the grass.
    How to Fix FaceTime Live Photos Not Saving
    Reminders app on an iPad and iPhone
    How to Delete Reminders on iPhone
    A picture of someone taking pictures on an iPhone at night in a well-lighted area.
    How to Turn Off Night Mode on iPhone
    Apple iPhone 12 Pro Family
    How to View Subscriptions on an iPhone
    Close up of a woman using an iPhone
    How to Recover Deleted Screenshots on iPhone
    The iPhone 12 line-up.
    How to Tell What iPhone You Have
    A worried woman looking at her smartphone
    How to Fix Load Content Error in iOS 15
    A coseup of someone looking through a magnifying glass at a smartphone screen.
    How to Magnify Your iPhone or iPad Display
    A man taking a close-up photo of food with an iPhone
    How to Prevent the iPhone Camera From Automatically Switching to Macro Mode
    Photo of a stylized progress bar
    How to Cancel an iPhone Update
    Resetting they keyboard history on an iPhone.
    How to Clear Keyboard History on iPhone
    An iPhone on a tripod set to record time-lapse video of a city skyline.
    How to Time-Lapse a Video on iPhone
    Two women looking at a smartphone
    How to Delete Screenshots on iPhone
    A couple sitting on a sofa together looking at a smartphone and smiling.
    How to Mute a Video on iPhone
    Someone holding an iPhone with notifications showing on the screen.
    How to See Old Notifications on iPhone
    A man standing in a living room looking at his smartphone.
    How to Upload Photos to Google Drive From iPhone
    A woman shocked by what she sees on her smartphone
    How to Remove Photos From Spotlight Search on iPhone
    Finger tapping lit up iPhone screen
    How to Delete Screen Time Data on iPhone
    Closeup of someone texting on a smartphone.
    How to Delete Text Groups on iPhone
    Apple iPhone 13
    How to Turn Off Smart Data Mode on iPhone 13
    Optimized Battery Charging on an iPhone while sleeping
    What Is Optimized Battery Charging on iPhone?
    Turn Off Optimized Battery Charging
    How to Turn off Optimized Battery Charging on iPhone
    Resetting the predictive text dictionary on an iPhone.
    How to Remove Words From iPhone Predictive Text
    Cross-app drag and drop in an iPhone
    How to Use Cross-app Drag and Drop in iOS 15
    Accessing Optimized Battery Charging from Battery Health settings on an iPhone.
    How to Fix it When Optimized Battery Charging is Not Working on iPhone 13
    Home screen widgets on iPhone
    The 12 Best iOS 15 Widgets
    Someone texting on an iPhone outdoors.
    How to Export Text Messages From iPhone
    The iPhone 13 Pro can take macro close-ups of whatever you want.
    How to Use Macro Photography on iPhone 13
    5G smart data mode toggle on iPhone 13
    How to Use Smart Data Mode on iPhone 13
    Using cinematic mode on an iPhone 13
    How to Use Cinematic Mode on iPhone 13
    Someone leaning on a bike, texting on an iPhone.
    How to Save Text Messages on iPhone
    Managing media playback to a Chromecast in the Google Home app for iPhone.
    How to Cast iPhone to Chromecast
    iPhone SE (2020)
    iPhone SE 3: News, Price, Release Date, Specs, and Rumors
    Woman with a laptop on her lap and an iPhone in her hands
    Update Your iPhone OS Using Your Computer
    Woman leaning against a bright sign, looking at her phone
    Turn Off Auto Update of Apps and iOS on iPhone
    Illustration of two smartphones being wiretapped
    How to Record a Call on iPhone
    A boy looking at a FaceTime call while someone puts a thermometer in his ear
    How to Use Voice Isolation on iOS 15
    A boy and his parent looking at a FaceTime call on their phone in front of them
    Wide Spectrum on iOS 15: What It Is and How to Use It
    Portrait mode turned on for FaceTime
    How to Blur Your Background on a FaceTime Call in iOS 15
    Close up of a woman's hands using an iPhone
    How to Close Apps on iPhone 13
    Close up of a woman using an iPhone
    Three Ways to Delete Apps on iPhone 13
    iPhone 13 lineup
    How to Use Siri on iPhone 13
    iPhone 13 in store
    How to Set Up Voicemail on iPhone 13
    A man finding the MAC address of his iPhone with a router and laptop nearby.
    How to Find the MAC Address on an iPhone
    Facetime on iPhone
    How to Use Portrait Mode on FaceTime in iOS 15
    Someone holding an iPhone with hundreds of tiny photo thumbnails on the screen.
    How to Delete Duplicate Photos on iPhone
    Someone looking at a call log showing 'Scam likely' calls on an iPhone X.
    How to Block 'Scam Likely' Calls on iPhone
    Apple iPhone 13 Pro in video mode recoding a person in water.
    Is Your iPhone 13 Waterproof?
    Business woman using phone outside
    iPhone 15: News, Price, Release Date, Specs, and Rumors